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Fundraising Ideas

Need some inspiration?

Why fundraise for PSC Support?

Primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) is a rare autoimmune liver and bile duct disease. People living with PSC face liver failure, infections and aggressive cancers. Sadly, there is no cure or medical treatment for PSC and we are determined to change that.

PSC Support is the only UK charity dedicated to helping people with PSC. We provide information and support to those living with PSC and we advocate for better healthcare and psychological support for patients. Critically, we are committed to driving PSC research forward by funding and supporting top PSC researchers in their vital work towards a cure.

Despite impressive advances in research over the last decade, our complex disease is still poorly understood. People with PSC desperately need a cure or treatment and we need your help.

Choosing to fundraise for PSC Support means you could help us work towards finding effective treatments for PSC and continue to support patients and their families.

Fundraising Tips

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Fundraising ideas

If you'd like to fundraise for PSC Support, we've got some great ideas to help you get started!

Fundraise with friends >

What better way to get friends together than organising a fundraising event for PSC Support?

Fundraise at work >

Looking for ways to raise funds for PSC Support at work? These ideas are bound to help you get your whole team involved!

Fundraise and get active >

Running isn't the only sport you can take part in to raise funds for PSC Support. We've got ideas for footballers, dancers and everyone in between!

Simple fundraising ideas >

Simple but effective ideas to raise funds to help people affected by PSC.

Whatever you choose to do, let us know!

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