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Plain English Summaries

Summaries of PSC research

We've collated our commentary and lay summaries of research below.

Blood test to diagnose PSC

A Step Closer to a PSC Blood Test

13 Mar 2023

Update from Dr Rushbrook and Dr Goode

SABR Study

Study to Investigate Brodalumab in the Treatment of PSC

31 Jan 2023

Study to Investigate Brodalumab in the Treatment of Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis

European PSC Care Guidelines

New European Guidelines for the care of People with PSC

30 Nov 2022

A summary of the latest PSC care guidelines for Europe.

Impact of itch Surey POSTER

Itch Survey Results

28 Jun 2022

Results of the PSC multinational itch survey

Liver disease care during the pandemic

Care of Patients With Liver Disease During the COVID-19 Pandemic – UPDATE

03 Feb 2021

European experts have made recommendations on the care of liver disease during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Strategies for bowel prep

Spotlight on Colonoscopies

30 Jan 2021

Update on preparing for your next colonoscopy with some new tips from patients.

EASL International Liver Congress

Research Report on PSC from EASL International Liver Congress

12 Nov 2020

Our Report on PSC research from the International Liver Congress 2020

Research Strategy

Bile Acid Pathways in PSC-IBD

09 Oct 2020

Are the mechanisms that drive inflammation in the bowel in people with PSC different to that seen in people with UC alone? Dr Nabil Quraishi

Diagnosing PSC

Effects of PSC on Risks of Cancer in People with IBD

30 Sep 2020

A new study has looked at the health records of people with IBD to understand what happens to them if they develop PSC.

Blood test ALP ELF

ALP and the ELF Score in Clinical Trials

28 Aug 2020

On 21 July, research about alkaline phosphatase (ALP) and the enhanced liver fibrosis (ELF) score and PSC was published.

Patient Insights Report Clinical Trials

PSC Patient Insights Survey Part 2

17 Aug 2020

Patient Insights Report – PSC Clinical Trials reports on attitudes to PSC research and study design and makes recommendations to improve recruitment.

VITTAL Study summary

VITTAL Study Summary

01 Aug 2020

The VITTAL Study investigated the use of a new technology called NMP to see if it allowed more transplants to safely take place.

6cs of PSC graphic 2

The 6 Cs of Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis

18 Jul 2020

The 6Cs that all PSC doctors should be thinking about:
Covert, Cholangitis, Cirrhosis, Colitis, Cancer, CURE

COVID Lay summary

Care of Patients with Liver Disease during the COVID-19 Pandemic

09 Jul 2020

Care of liver disease patients during COVID-19 – summary of guidance for healthcare professionals (written by PSC Support and EASL).

PSC Wellbeing Study

The PSC Wellbeing Study Update

07 Jul 2020

Researchers have today published an article based on learning from research funded by PSC Support called the PSC Wellbeing Project.

Machine perfusion

Liver Perfusion Could Save 7 in 10 Rejected Donor Livers

17 Jun 2020

New research from the University of Birmingham reveals results of clinical trial about machine perfusion technology.

Cholangitis attacks

PSC Survey Insights Part 1

04 May 2020

We are delighted to share our first insights following the PSC Support survey we launched last year to help shape PSC research design.

EASL Position Statement on COVID-1 (1)

Caring for People with Liver Disease During COVID-19

03 Apr 2020

Patients with advanced liver disease and transplant recipients require specific care during COVID-19

PSC Support Research Award PSC Blood Test

Finding a Diagnostic Blood Test for PSC

06 Dec 2019

We’re delighted to announce that PSC Support has awarded a grant to Dr Elizabeth Goode and Dr Simon Rushbrook to develop a blood test to diagnose PSC.

PSC Guidelines Explained by PSC Support

UK-PSC Guidelines Launched

07 Nov 2019

The UK-PSC Guidelines for managing PSC were officially launched last week. Our summary of the recommendations and what they mean for care.

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