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Pigtails for PSC

Robert's multicoloured challenge!

We are very grateful to Abi and Robert who raised over £250 to help people living with PSC and to help find a cure for our rare, complex disease, and for being brilliant sports!

"Robert was diagnosed with PSC in 2012, not long after he was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. It was a real shock and the hospital gave us no information on what it was or what it meant. We turned to Doctor Google and were horrified by the things we read. We are so grateful that we found the PSC Support UK group on Facebook; it’s been invaluable for advice and support. We wanted to raise some money for PSC Support as we want to help  them continue their amazing work!


Abi continued, "Robert actually did not know I had signed him up for the challenge. One night we briefly spoke about it in bed and the next morning I put it all over social media while Robert was still sleeping! £80 had been donated by the time he woke up so he was a very good sport about it!"

Pigtails for PSC
Pigtails for PSC

"Robert didn't volunteer for the hairdo OR the PSC but he was/is such a champ about both of them!


"My son and I had great fun putting yellow, purple and red colouring in Robert’s hair, along with lots of pretty clips. Robert had some video meetings at work that day and also went out and about with his awesome hairdo, including a trip on the bus!”

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