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Treatments for PSC

Research into effective treatments for PSC is flourishing

Is there a cure for PSC?

Not yet! While there are no effective medical treatments available for PSC today 78,79, research is flourishing and we have every confidence an effective treatment(s) will come. There are ongoing and planned clinical trials to test potential PSC drugs, and numerous PSC studies to better understand the disease.

For some patients who progress to having significant liver damage or symptoms that cannot be properly treated, liver transplant is an excellent option.

Despite there being no licensed drug for PSC yet, some people are prescribed UDCA. It is important to remember that our symptoms can be managed, and shouldn't be ignored.

In this section:

UDCA PSC Support


Is Urso (UDCA) safe and should I take it?

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Liver Transplantation

General transplant and organ donation information

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Find PSC research studies

Find PSC Research Studies

How to take part in clinical trials and how to find them.

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Treatments for PSC

Tests And Procedures

What are the different procedures and tests used to monitor and manage PSC?

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Symptom management

Symptom Management

Symptom assessment and management in PSC.

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