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How to apply for research funding for PSC research

Mission 2030

By 2030, we will fund and support more PSC research than ever before, offering over £1 million in grants to researchers to:

  • fund PSC studies aligned with our Research Strategy, turning researchers’ ideas into reality;
  • fund 3-4 year PhD clinical fellowships in PSC to help develop the careers of future PSC specialists and to fill the critical gaps in our knowledge about PSC; and
  • support them to set up larger studies and clinical trials.

Apply for Funding

PSC Support welcomes grant applications for PSC-related research. As a member of the Association of Medical Research Charities, PSC Support employs strict peer review processes to ensure we fund only the highest quality research.

Available Awards




Closing date:

01 May 2024

Seed funding



Closing date:

01 May 2024

Bid preparation

Fast turnaround


throughout year

Research Training Fellowship

£300,000 for up to three years

Closing date:

01 June 2024

Our Research Funding Process

We aim to complete this process in two to three months.

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Our Scientific Review Committee

Our Scientific Review Committee is responsible for evaluating and appraising research grant applications. They are independent of the charity's staff and trustees.

Dr Roger Chapman (Chair)

Dr Luke Boulter

Dr Emma Culver

Chris Forde

Gareth Weeks

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