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Related conditions

PSC is often associated with other conditions

Most people with PSC have one or more co-existing diseases (sometimes called comorbidities), meaning they have more than one disease at the same time. PSC is associated with a number of other conditions, in particular autoimmune diseases, including inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), some cancers and a deterioration in bone health. See also variants of PSC.

Your doctor will monitor you closely and look out for other conditions if you have PSC and it is important to tell your PSC doctor if you experience sudden new symptoms.

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PSC and other autoimmune diseases

PSC and Other Autoimmune Diseases

Most people with PSC also have another immune-mediated disease.

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Cancer PSC Support


Cancer risks and screening in PSC.

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Bone Heath PSC Support

Bone Health

How PSC can affect the health of your bones.

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