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The PSC Support app is free to download from:

Welcome to the PSC Support App

Having PSC, or knowing someone close to you who has PSC, presents a number of challenges, from managing symptoms and hospital appointments to understanding the disease and its complications. The PSC Support app equips you with knowledge to get the care that’s right for you, when you need it. It has been designed by people living with PSC to help you live better with PSC and offers the tools to:

  • track your health and symptoms
  • share reports about your health
  • get the most out of your medical appointments and ask the right questions
  • know what to expect from your care
  • stay up-to-date with the latest PSC news and research
  • access the digital PSC Alert Card
  • access support

Protecting your information

We’ve developed the PSC Support App with the PSC community in mind. At every stage we have considered what is important to you. We take your privacy and the security of your information seriously.


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