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Fundraise at work

Get your team together and raise funds for PSC Support

Fundraising at work is the perfect way to boost team morale as well as helping people affected by PSC. Get the whole team involved with these ideas!

Dress down day

Donate to ditch the uniform. Why not take it a step further and make it fancy dress?

Cake sale

Ask colleagues to whip up some tasty treats to sell in the staff room.

Office quiz

Get into teams, charge a fee to take part and nominate your most energetic colleague as quiz master!


Split colleagues into categories according to age or gender, or add a more competitive element by organising groups according to different departments. Each contestant pays a registration fee (eg £5), while the attendees pay for admission tickets.

Swear jar

Put a swear box in the office and ask people to donate £1 every time they swear.

Office sports day

Channel peoples' competitive spirit and organise chair races and pencil javelin. Donations could be taken upon entry into a sport, or through sponsorship on an office JustGiving page.

Run a sweep stake

Whether it's for the Six Nations or Strictly Come Dancing, assign everyone a team or participant, charge to play and split the pot between the winner and PSC Support.


How do I get started?

Once you have arranged your fundraising event, set up a fundraising page and start spreading the word! It's as simple as that. Download our fundraising pack for fundraising tips and resources.

Get the Gear

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Fundraising Tips

Download our pack for useful tips and resources to kick-start your fundraising plans

Tell us about your fundraising

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