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Our Charitable Status

PSC Support was registered with the Charity Commission on 27th October 2017 as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (number 1175427). Previously, PSC Support was registered as an Unincorporated Association (number 1115615) and was removed as a charity on 17th February 2018. Details are listed on the Charity Commission Register of Merged Charities.

Our Income and Expenditure

PSC Support Income and Expenditure Chart 2020-21

PSC Support Expenditure Summary

Figures from 6 April to 5 April each year, with a breakdown of how funds were used.

Income from Commercial Funders

We pride ourselves on our integrity and independence. PSC Support adheres to a strict policy to govern corporate sponsorship and ensure transparency. See our Commercial Relationships Policy. The following list shows non-voluntary income received since 2014. Reimbursements from third parties for travel and accommodation are shown from the 2019 financial year. Martine Walmsley volunteers for PSC Support and she has donated all income earned from speaking engagements directly to PSC Support. Like the other PSC Support Trustees, she receives no remuneration for her services to PSC Support.

What is PSC?

What exactly is PSC? We've got the basics covered #PSCFacts

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We rely on charitable donations to make our vital work possible