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Simple fundraising ideas

Fundraise for PSC Support with these fuss free ideas

Fundraising doesn't have to be complicated. We've put together some simple ideas that everyone can get on board with.

Give something up

Choose something that people know you’d find tricky to go without. Whether it’s chocolate, meat, TV or gaming - ask people to sponsor you to go without it for a chosen amount of time.

Donate as you sell

Have a good clear out, sell any unwanted items on eBay and donate the money you make. eBay for Charity allows you to list an item and donate 10-100% of your final sale price to charity. Look out for the charity box just below where you set your price, select PSC Support and the percentage (10%-100%) of your final selling price that you'd like to donate.

Grow a beard or moustache

Get friends and family to sponsor you to grow a beard or moustache. Already got one? Get sponsored to shave it off instead!

Sponsored silence

Are you a chatterbox? Could you go the whole day without talking? Ask for donations to take on this challenge.

Yes day

You say yes to everyone's demands (within reason!) and they sponsor you to do so. It’s win win!

Car boot sale

Another excuse to get rid of that clutter and donate the money raised.

Organise a raffle

Ask friends, family and local businesses to donate prizes and sell raffle tickets. Draw the winners live on social media.

Donate your birthday

Create a birthday fundraiser on Facebook. It's simple, quick and surprisingly effective! When you create a Facebook post, click on 'Raise money', and type PSC Support to find our charity.

You can also create your own special Facebook fundraising page by clicking here.


How do I get started?

Once you have arranged your fundraising event, set up a fundraising page and start spreading the word! It's as simple as that. Download our fundraising pack for fundraising tips and resources.

Get the Gear

Check out our shop for t-shirts, wristbands and more.

Fundraising Tips

Download our pack for useful tips and resources to kick-start your fundraising plans

Tell us about your fundraising

Tell us about your fundraising event in the form below so we can support you along the way.