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Madeleine's Milestone

Madeleine"Having been diagnosed with PSC when I was 7 it’s something that’s such a part of who I am but it doesn’t define who I am.

I started university 5 years ago in 2014, something I never thought I would do because my A level’s got harder as the side effects of this disease wore me down.

Two full time years, a year part time, a year off at 21 when I received my life changing liver transplant and a final year part time while working part time. I finally graduated yesterday at 23 years old. This degree means so much to me and has allowed me to see that there’s a future outside of the disease that I never dared to think about.

My organ donor, her family and all the doctors and nurses in the NHS helped me get to this point. I know there will continue to be hard parts in my life but If I’ve learnt anything from this disease it’s to cherish your friends and family and celebrate the good times while you can."

You can read more about Madeleine's experience of living with PSC in this article in The Reading Chronicle 

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