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Your social distancing tips

Your social distancing tips

How are you handling the lock down?

How are you handling the lock down? Do you have any tips for others on social distancing, being in isolation, getting shopping, shielding in a household that includes key workers or staying positive? If so, let us know!

COVID-19 is bringing out the best in people and we are thankful to everyone who has shared their tips and advice on living well in isolation so far.

On a serious note...

On a very serious note, if you have any issues, problems or concerns with delays or any aspect of your care, please let us know.

Similarly, if COVID-19 has negatively impacted your life in other ways, maybe financially, socially, or simply getting food, please get in touch with us.

Knowing what is really happening to you helps PSC Support build up a strong case for ensuring the right healthcare services and support are there for you.

We asked...

  • What are you doing to stay positive during the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • Do you have any tips for getting shopping or medications?
  • What other advice/tips would you give to people in a similar situation?

Your answers and tips

Sian - shielding


Staying Positive

To stay positive during isolation, I am: working out at home, baking, reading and binge watching tv series. I try and make sure I communicate with friends and family every day in order to beat loneliness and isolation.

Shopping and Meds

I am lucky enough to have friends and family who do my shopping for me. If not, there are support pages on social media sites where people are happy to help with any needs that people have, such as; shopping, collecting medication and even to have a chat with if you are feeling lonely.

Tips for Others

I always tell people to stay positive and get them to understand that they are not on their own during this difficult time. Communication with friends and family is really important for mental health and also physical health.

David - shielding


Staying Positive

I’m working from home which keeps my mind active and occupied Monday to Friday. Cycling on my turbo trainer in the garden Joe Wicks PE class

Shopping and Meds

My wife or daughter are picking up supplies. Registered with Scottish Government scheme as a backup.

Tips for Others

Do activities you like be it jigsaws, crosswords or games.

Get into the garden where possible for some fresh air and sunlight.

Reach out to others by social media, mobile or email - you're not alone.

Be positive - think of a place or time that makes you happy.

Rick - shielding

Staying Positive

Staying away from watching too much news. Playing guitar. Reading. Using time to relax. Listening to music. Listing out my questions for my next PSC telephone appointment!

Shopping and Meds

Luckily my wife can help me with this. We make sure she takes the necessary precautions when she goes out and maintains social distancing. Everything she brings back into the flat is washed or wiped down. All packaging, fruit and veg is washed before being put away. Lots of hand washing.

Tips for Others

If you live in a flat and have no garden space weigh up whether you can go for a short walk or at least spend a few minutes outside when you know you will not come into contact with anyone. Shielding with no private outdoor space is going to be harder.

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