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Plain English Summaries

Summaries of PSC research

We've collated our commentary and lay summaries of research below.

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UK-PSC Quality of Life Update

06 Oct 2019

In 2016 PSC Support started talking to experts to develop the a disease-specific quality of life measure for PSC. Latest update on progress.

PSC Wellbeing Study

The PSC Wellbeing Study Update

04 Oct 2019

After identifying that there was a significant impact on emotional wellbeing when living with PSC, yet a lack of psychological support for both patients and their loved ones, PSC Support commissioned research to address this situation. Publication in BMJ.

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Early Detection of Bile Duct Cancer and rPSC

27 Sep 2019

PSC Support is funding important research to allow for early detection of bile duct cancer and recurrent PSC.

Your liver transplant

Supercool Livers

13 Sep 2019

With the demand for liver transplants ever-increasing, scientists are looking into new ways of increasing the number of suitable donor livers for use.

MRCP+ Study Perspectum

Testing the Utility of MRCP+

12 Sep 2019

New study is looking at a new MRCP technology that could aid PSC diagnosis and how progression of disease is measured.

Martine BASL Immune SIG 110719

Special Interest Group for Immune-Mediated Liver Disease

11 Jul 2019

PSC research priorities presented at the BASL Immune-Mediated Liver Disease Special Interest Group.

Aspirin survey results

Cancer Prevention Survey Results

12 Jun 2019

Survey results published: reducing the risk of cancer is important to people affected by PSC and they are interested in helping reduce the risks of PSC-related cancers.


Vancomycin: a promising option for the treatment of PSC?

07 Jun 2019

Dr Roger Chapman takes a look at vancomycin and its potential use in PSC.

PSC/UK-PSC Clinical Guidelines

PSC Guidelines

03 Jun 2019

The new BSGUK-PSC Guidelines for the diagnosis and management of PSC have been published.

Are some livers better than others

PSC research is a top priority in the UK liver community

11 Mar 2019

Your survey responses have been acted upon and heard.

Improving PSC diagnosis

PSC Support works with researchers to improve PSC diagnosis

01 Feb 2019

We are working with researchers to remove the uncertainty around diagnosing PSC.

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UK-PSC Risk Scores for PSC

03 Jan 2019

A new 2 year and 10 year UK-PSC risk score tool for PSC.

Martine presenting at EMA Dec 2018

Research of medicine for PSC

03 Dec 2018

PSC Support represents patients at EMA meeting on development of medicines for PSC

Role of the clinical nurse specialist

PSC and the role of the clinical nurse specialist

01 Dec 2018

Co-authored by PSC Support, an article about the role of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) nurses was published.

Impact of PSC on wellbeing

Impact of PSC on mental health and wellbeing

25 Nov 2018

We’re working with psychologists to improve wellbeing for people affected by PSC.

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Results from NGM282 drug trial in PSC

11 Nov 2018

Results of another drug trial for PSC have now been published following preliminary results announced last year.

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Results GS-9674 drug trial in PSC

10 Nov 2018

GS-9674 led to significant improvements in liver biochemistry and markers of cholestasis in PSC patients.


The impact of colectomy type following liver transplant for PSC

12 Jun 2018

Colectomies and PSC transplant: end ileostomy compared to ileal-pouch anal anastomosis (IPAA).

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Research begins looking at IBD care after transplant for PSC

25 Jan 2018

First nationwide audit of IBD care delivery following liver transplantation for PSC.

Clinical care guidelines

New guidelines for management of liver blood tests

19 Dec 2017

New British Society of Gastroenterology (BSG) Guidelines have now been published.

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