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PSC and the role of the clinical nurse specialist

Role of the clinical nurse specialist

Co-authored by PSC Support, an article about the role of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) nurses was published.

Impact of PSC on mental health and wellbeing

Impact of PSC on wellbeing

We’re working with psychologists to improve wellbeing for people affected by PSC.

What PSC patients are thinking

What PSC patients are thinking

Find out what patients think about having PSC and their attitudes to research and treatments.

Results from NGM282 drug trial in PSC


Results of another drug trial for PSC have now been published following preliminary results announced last year.

Results GS-9674 drug trial in PSC


GS-9674 led to significant improvements in liver biochemistry and markers of cholestasis in PSC patients.

PSC Support Research Funding Grants

Research we have funded

The latest PSC Support grant round closes on 9 January 2019.

A Support Trustee for PSC Support

Karen Rockell

Karen Rockell joins our Board of Trustees.

Raise awareness of PSC

PSC Support

Raising awareness of PSC helps us to fund more PSC research and a influence research priorities and improve services.

Impact of No-Deal BREXIT on PSC patients

PSC Support EU Exit

A no-deal BREXIT impacts medicine, care, research and access to treatment for PSC patients.

A prediction tool for doctors

PSC Presto Mayo

A Prediction Tool for Doctors Predicting risk in PSC: PREsTo Thanks to PSC patients sharing their healthcare data, we are able to learn more about our condition. There is still much more we need to understand to crack PSC, but good news this week is that scientists have been able to create a new prediction toolfor…