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Fundraise as a business

Fundraise or partner with PSC Support through your business

Selling a product or service

If you are a business and are planning to sell a product or service and wish to donate a percentage of the profits to PSC Support then you will need to enter into a Commercial Participator Agreement (CPA) with us. The CPA will specify the terms of the partnership and the responsibilities and obligations of both parties. Please get in touch if this is something you'd like to do so that we can support you with the arrangements.

Fundraising as a Business

Payroll Giving

If you are an employer, Payroll Giving is a great way to get your employees engaged with charitable giving and an excellent addition to your corporate social responsibility programme. It allows employees to donate to a charity of their choice from their salary, before tax.

How Payroll Giving works:

  • The employer registers with a Payroll Giving Agency of their choice.
  • The employer promotes their Payroll Giving scheme, so that all employees are aware that they can opt in and donate to a charity of their choice.
  • When an employee has opted in to Payroll Giving, the employer takes donations from the employees' pay using their normal payroll system (donations are taken after National Insurance but before tax).
  • The employer sends the employees’ names and donation amounts to their Payroll Giving Agency every pay run (normally monthly).
  • The agency receives employees’ donations and passes these on to PSC Support.

How much will it cost the employer?

Some agencies may charge an admin fee. This fee can either be taken from the employees' donations before they are sent to PSC Support, or the employer can choose to pay the fee, meaning PSC Support receives a larger donation.

The employer can deduct the costs of running the scheme from their business profits before tax.

Setting up a fundraising challenge/event

Setting up a fundraising event at work, such as a cake sale, a quiz night or fancy dress day is a great way of raising funds for PSC Support and boosting morale in the workplace. There's no need to sign any agreements if you want to do this but we'd love to hear about your plans and provide help and support if we can. Just get in touch with us.

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Corporate donations

If you'd like to make a corporate donation to support our vital work, thank you! You can make the donation in the usual way, or if you'd prefer to use a bank transfer please contact us.

Match funding

To add extra value to your employee benefits package and your corporate social responsibility programme, match-fund employee donations to PSC Support. You could do this for a set time, or on a permanent basis, and donations don’t have to be simply matched; you could even double- or triple-match them.

Tax advantages of corporate giving

Corporate tax relief may be available to you if your company donates to PSC Support. You can find more information about this on the GOV.UK website.

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