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Video diary of her liver transplant

Yvonne recorded a video diary of her transplant journey and and wait for a transplant.

This is an honest account, and will serve as both memory for Yvonne of her transplant experience, and and will help others understand the highs and lows, and the reality of having a liver transplant.

Update: Yvonne had her long awaited liver transplant on Thursday 7th November 2013.

This is a playlist comprising six videos recording Yvonne's time on the waiting list and time is hospital receiving her liver transplant.

Chapter One - Waiting and Preparing

Yvonne is on the Waiting List - talking about how that feels and how she is preparing.

Chapter Two - The Call

Yvonne gets the call she's been waiting for.

Chapter Three - The Surgery

Yvonne undergoes transplant surgery. This video shows Yvonne in Intensive Care in the critical days following her transplant. She talks about the value of her faith and support network, and the excellent care she received from the NHS staff. Her consultant, PSC Specialist, Dr Douglas Thorburn discusses some of the issues she overcame in the days following surgery and how these problems can occur.

Chapter Four - On the Ward part 1

Yvonne talks about the days following her liver transplant, including her first shower, and getting mobile again.

Chapter Four - One the Ward part 2

Yvonne talks about 'The two Es' (exercise and eating) and a few complications

Exercise: even moving around was initially difficult but physiotherapists helped to get Yvonne mobilized and negotiating stairs in preparation for returning home. Yvonne talks about the importance of being mobile following transplant.

Eating: all about eating and drinking, touching on hospital food with a real treat at the end. Can't beat a home cooked Sunday roast, wherever you are when you eat it!

Complications: Yvonne covers complications following her surgery and being immunosuppressed: oral thrush, herpes simplex (cold sores), cytomegalovirus, pleural effusion and a partially collapsed lung.

It is great to see the progress Yvonne has made and how well she looks when recording this video compared to the pre-transplant chapters.

Chapter Five - Leaving the Ward

Yvonne talks about investigations and tests she underwent whilst on the ward, including a transjugular liver biopsy. Once Yvonne was eating and drinking and mobile on the ward, the tubes and lines were removed. Next came staple removal and the famous ‘lexus incision’. After 22 days as an inpatient, Yvonne is released from the ward and begins a new life with her new liver…

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