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NHSBT and BTS Organ Transplantation Patient Information Website

Organ Transplantation Patient Information Website

Designed to inform and support patients

Launch of the Organ Transplantation Patient Information website

NHS Blood & Transplant (NHSBT) have partnered with the British Transplant Society (BTS) to launch a new patient information website for organ transplantation.

The website has been designed to inform and support patients considering liver, kidney, lung, heart or pancreas transplantation. On the website, you can find detailed information for each transplant type, including information on:

  • whether a transplant is right for you or not
  • the benefits and risks
  • waiting for a transplant
  • what happens at the transplant centre
  • living with a transplanted organ
  • care and support

Give your feedback

Because this is a new website, NHSBT and BTS are giving users the opportunity to provide feedback over the next few months and they will modify the site as required. If you would like to submit any feedback, you can find a 'Give Feedback' button at the bottom left of each page on the website.

A useful resource

This is a much welcomed resource for patients and their families and will hopefully answer some of the questions that people may have regarding liver transplantation.