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New Mission 2030 Research Announced

Mission 2030

We're funding more research

We proudly unveil the fourth research project we're funding as part of Mission 2030.

Dr Nicholas Ilott, University of Oxford

PSC Support has awarded £15,000 to Dr Nicholas Ilott to uncover markers of ‘stress’ in cells in the small intestine in people with primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) and ulcerative colitis (UC).

He will do this by using “proteomics” – a way of studying all the proteins in a tissue sample. This will be the first study to assess protein levels in the small intestine in people with both PSC and UC.

Dr Nicholas Ilott, University of Oxford

Identifying protein changes in PSC-UC could reveal new insights into how the liver and the intestine interact with each other and affect cancer risk in PSC. Dr Ilott also aims to understand the role of gut microbes in this process and how they might be modified to produce new treatments for PSC.

Mission 2030: help us find the breakthrough we need

PSC Support is committed to establishing a pathway towards finding a cure or effective treatment for everyone with PSC by 2030.

We're doing this by funding research that:

  • overcomes the barriers that are slowing down progress; and
  • is paving the way to finding the breakthrough that people with PSC so desperately need.

By 2030, we will fund and support more PSC research than ever before, offering over £1 million in grants.