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Medicine Development Training

The hope of an effective PSC treatment is never far from our minds, and as a patient organisation we are passionate about positively influencing all stages of PSC medicine development. However, in order to be effective, we must have expertise in this complex process. This week, Maxine, PSC Support's Programme Development Officer, has been extending her knowledge in this area with EURORDIS, the European patient organisation for rare diseases.

Maxine was selected from a wide range of applicants to take part in the training by the EURORDIS application committee.

She said, "To have successful and accessible treatments for PSC, it's essential for us as patients to know how to add value at every stage of medicine research and development. This has been a real focal point of this week's training. I have learnt so much during the EURORDIS Summer School and am passionate about using this knowledge to advocate for PSC patients at every level."

This training was funded by a EURORDIS grant.