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IQILS: 41 Liver Services Involved

IQILS: 41 Liver Services Now  Involved

IQILS Steering Committee June 2019

IQILS Steering Committee Members meeting in June 2019

Forty-one liver services across the UK are now registered for Improving Quality in Liver Services (IQILS). This is brilliant! Every liver unit that joins takes us a step closer to better liver services for PSC patients.

IQILS is an accreditation scheme for UK hospitals that care for people with liver conditions to demonstrate that they provide high-quality liver services for patients. This includes clinics and inpatient and outpatient services. PSC Support is part of the IQILS steering committee.

Martine Walmsley, IQILS steering committee member, said, 'There's still work to be done, and much of that work involves really listening to patients and acting on what they need. I would urge patients to get involved and help their hospitals improve, especially those providing PSC care.'

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