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My Life, My Heart Documentary

Jack documentary on organ donation 2

CBBC have produced a documentary called My Life, My Heart, which follows the story of Jack, now aged 13, while he waited for and eventually received a heart transplant.

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NHS Organ Donor Register Reaches 25-Year Milestone

organ donation register 25 year milestone

As NHS Organ Donor Register reaches its 25th anniversary, there are now nearly 25 million people on the NHS Organ Donor Register and more than 20,000 lives have potentially been saved or transformed thanks to its introduction.

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Liver Transplantation and PSC video

Liver Transplantation for PSC Video Dr James Ferguson

We’ve uploaded the latest video from our Information Day at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham. This is a great overview of liver transplantation for PSC from Dr James Ferguson.

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Supercool Livers

Your liver transplant

With the demand for liver transplants ever-increasing, scientists are looking into new ways of increasing the number of suitable donor livers for use.

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