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Annual £50k PSC Support Research Awards


PSC Support Research Project Award

One award for a research project that addresses an important and novel, basic or clinical research question relating to PSC, PSC-IBD and cholangiocarcinoma in line with the PSC Support Research Strategy.

For our 2024 funding round, one grant is available of up to £50,000. Subject to available funds and exceptional applications, additional £50,000 projects may be awarded in this round.


The maximum allowed budget per project is £50,000. Projects are expected to be around 2-3 years in duration. Only the direct costs associated with the project will be funded. Overhead allocation or other indirect costs, including senior or supervisory posts which are already covered by other funding will not be funded; equipment or capital costs will not be funded either. All costs must be clearly explained and justified.




Applications will be evaluated by PSC Support’s Scientific Review Committee (SRC) based on the criteria outlined below. The Trustees of PSC Support will approve the award of a grant for that research project based on the SRC recommendations. The successful applicant will be notified by early July 2024.

Applications will be assessed by PSC Support’s Scientific Review Committee (SRC) (which includes people living with PSC) on the following criteria:

Scientific Appraisal Criteria

  • Relevance of idea or proposal to PSC Support Research Strategy
  • Progress towards patient-relevant outcomes
  • Progress towards answering the Unanswered PSC Questions.
  • Realistic costing and value for money
  • Relationship to and the volume of research already available in the field
  • Scientific quality or methodology
  • Expertise of researchers
  • Use of animals in research (if applicable)

Lay Appraisal Criteria

  • Importance to people with PSC
  • Likelihood that this research will make a difference to people with PSC
  • Progress towards answering an ‘unanswered question’ in PSC


Research should start as soon as possible after the grant is awarded. Ethical approvals, if required, must be in place before the work commences. All licences relating to research using animals must be valid and in place.

PSC Support is a member of the Association of Medical Research Charities. Provided the study meets the NIHR’s definition of a ‘research study’, the selected project(s) will also be eligible for adoption by the UK Clinical Research Network and therefore will be eligible for NIHR support. For clinical research proposals, applicants are encouraged to contact their local NIHR Clinical Research Network for advice as early as possible.

Any queries relating to submission of the application must be referred directly to PSC Support. Applicants or their colleagues may not contact a Scientific Review Committee member or PSC Support Trustee to discuss any aspect of an application or the decision reached on it.


Now closed. Application forms are available from Mark at

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