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The SABR-PSC Study is Opening


The SABR-PSC Study is opening at four UK sites

The SABR-PSC Study

The SABR-PSC study, funded by the NIHR, will investigate Brodalumab’s use in patients with PSC.

Brodalumab is a medicine that works by specifically targeting chemical messengers called ‘Interleukin 17’ (IL-17) in the body. IL-17 is one of the main causes of inflammation and damage in skin and joint conditions such as psoriasis.

Brodalumab is currently being safely and successfully used in patients with psoriasis.

Research suggests that IL-17 may play a crucial role in the inflammation and scarring (fibrosis) of the bile ducts that is seen in PSC. Therefore, by blocking this chemical messenger with Brodalumab, it may limit inflammation and liver damage.

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