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The FARGO Study is Opening


The FARGO Study is opening soon

FARGO is a clinical trial that is jointly funded by the two charitable organisations, LifeArc and PSC Support. It is led by Dr Palak Trivedi, from the University of Birmingham, with support from PSC Support and hospitals/ academic institutions from around the UK.

This research would not be possible without the significant contributions of £848,774 from LifeArc and £50,000 from PSC Support.


It has been shown that the makeup of gut microorganisms in PSC are different to that found in people without liver and bowel inflammation, and that this is one of the drivers of PSC development.

Dr Trivedi and his research team will assess a potential treatment for PSC called FMT (‘faecal microbiota transplantation’) that is thought to restore this abnormal gut bacteria balance. FMT involves taking stool from the gut of healthy donors, treating it in a laboratory and transferring it to the bowel of people with PSC.

Early research has shown that FMT is safe, is effective in treating inflammatory bowel disease and improves liver blood test results in some individuals.

The grant from LifeArc and PSC Support is allowing Dr Trivedi’s team to accelerate and scale up their research to understand the impact of FMT on PSC in this clinical trial.

The FARGO study is a Phase IIa trial. For more information about different types of clinical trial, what's usually involved, and questions to ask, download or order our free Guide to PSC Clinical Trials.