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Review Panels

Our thanks go to all our reviewers, who gave their time and expertise at no cost to PSC Support

Review Panel Q2 (January 2020)

PSC Support Expert Panel and UK-PSC Steering Committee and a panel of 7 PSC patients/ family members

Review Panel Q1 (January/February 2019)

Writing: Martine Walmsley

Our information was carefully reviewed by the following people:

Scientific/medical reviewers

Dr Roger Chapman

Dr James Ferguson

Dr Kate Lynch

Dr Simon Rushbrook

Dr Francesca Saffioti

Dr Douglas Thorburn

Lay reviewers

Maxine Cowlin

James Gosney

Josie Eddy

Leanie Evans

Jennifer Hare

Jenny Glanfield

Marie Osborne

Karen Rockell

Sue Warnes

Gareth Weeks

Vicki Weeks

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