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PSC Support’s 20K Your Way Challenge

PSC Support's 20K Your Way Challenge

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We're excited to be launching our brand new fundraising challenge in a few weeks and we're encouraging everyone in the PSC community to get involved! This idea was born from one of our long-time supporters, Carol Moodie, reaching out to us, determined to do more to help people affected by PSC.

'I’ve had PSC for 18 years and am so grateful for the incredible support I’ve received from PSC Support and the amazing friends I've found along the way. Our community truly makes facing this condition so much more bearable and I definitely feel less alone with my PSC family by my side.

In April 2022, I ran the Manchester Marathon, raising nearly £10,000 for PSC Support. Since then, I've been eager to do more but I didn't want to keep leaning on my friends and family for sponsorship. There had to be another way.

After attending the PSC Information Day in February 2023, I shared an idea with the PSC Support team for a fundraiser with a slight difference - something the whole community can participate in, encouraging us to get out in the fresh air and very importantly, bringing our wonderful community even closer together. And so, our challenge was born: PSC SUPPORT - 20K YOUR WAY. TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER.

I'm hoping this challenge will not only raise vital funds for PSC Support but will also offer us a positive focus to bring smiles to our faces. Join us in making this happen – the more of us participating, the better it will be! Let's show that together, we are stronger!'

We'll be sharing more details about the challenge in the next couple of weeks. If you'd like to take part please register now.