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PSC Research in the UK and Beyond

PSC Research in the UK and Beyond

Ask the Expert with UK-PSC

We celebrated PSC Awareness Day on 29th October with a look at PSC research, what we know now and where it is going.

We were joined by UK-PSC experts: Dr Simon Rushbrook (Consultant Hepatologist, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital) and Dr Palak Trivedi (University Hospitals Birmingham). UK-PSC is at the heart of PSC research and we hope to see several new clinical trials for PSC coming to the UK in the next year.

We broadcast live into Facebook where Dr Rushbrook and Dr Trivedi talked about PSC research and answered questions. The video has had over 1.7k views in Facebook! It's now available on YouTube, split into different topics covered:

  1. What is UK-PSC and what has it found?
  2. How do you join UK-PSC?
  3. PSC and cancer risks
  4. Colon surgery for PSC-IBD
  5. Emerging treatment strategies for PSC
  6. Q&A: Genetics and the environment
  7. Q&A: Cancer risk questions
  8. Q&A: Can you keep PSC away after transplant?
  9. Q&A: How many PSC patients are there?

Start watching the series here: