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Liz and Jade

Liver transplantation is a lifesaving treatment for PSC, and we rely on (and are so grateful to) families agreeing to organ donation when a loved one passes away. Liz talks about making that decision when her husband died and the comfort it has provided since. Thank you to Liz and Jade for sharing their story and for championing organ donation. Liz and Jade took part in the 2022 British Transplant Games as members of the Donor Family Network Team.


Now we have the comfort of knowing a little bit of him is allowing people to live their lives and make their own memories.

Liz and Jade

British Transplant Games

Myself and my daughter attended this year’s British Transplant Games in Leeds as a Donor Family.

Organ Donation Decision

My husband Rick donated his organs in August 2000. He had an aneurysm on his communicating artery. After three days on life support, the doctors declared him brain stem dead. We had already discussed Organ Donation so I gave the go ahead.

Rick was 38 years old and he was so very loved. It was a very hard time. Fast forward a few years and our youngest daughter Jade became very sick overnight and was taken to Leeds St James Hospital. She was diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis (AIH), primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) and ulcerative colitis (UC).  She also has adrenal insufficiency amongst other minor ailments in comparison.

The Donor Family Network

Leeds isn’t the first Transplant Games we’ve attended but it was a home one for Jade; it’s where she receives all her ongoing treatment. We met up with our team, The Donor Family Network, and also met a few people who have had transplants for PSC.

Second Chances

The Games are very special as everyone comes together; recipients are really grateful for their second chance and it’s so wonderful as a Donor Family to see life go on and families so proud of how their loved ones have come out the other end of being really poorly.

I know that a transplant isn’t a cure and it doesn’t make all the medical issues go away, but I do know if we didn’t have Organ Donation we would have nothing left of Rick apart from our memories of him as a family. Now we have the comfort of knowing a little bit of him is allowing people to live their lives and make their own memories. We are so proud of the gift he has given.

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