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Gareth Weeks

Liver Transplant for PSC

Gareth was diagnosed with PSC in 2016. Since then, he has taken an active interest in educating others about PSC research and even took part in a clinical trial to test how well a new drug to treat PSC worked.

Recently, Gareth had a lifesaving liver transplant and has been talking about the importance of organ donation for people living with PSC.


"...because of the generosity of my donor and their family, I am excited about my future again. I want to go back home on holiday to South Africa, finally use the bicycle I bought a few years ago and start golf again.

“But really the main thing is simply to get back to 'normality' in terms of family life and having more energy to do activities with my wife and daughter. They are amazing and I couldn’t have done it without them.

“I will be forever grateful and don't yet have the words to fully describe how I feel other than 'my donor is a true hero'."

Gareth - before and after his liver transplant for PSC

Garteh before and fater transplant for PSC
Thanks to Gareth for allowing us to share this photograph

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