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Positive Early Results From the INTEGRIS-PSC Clinical Trial

Early data from the INTEGRIS-PSC trial is promising

Early results announced

Pliant Therapeutics has announced positive early results for its INTEGRIS-PSC clinical trial.

The treatment drug (bexotegrast, also known as PLN-74809) is showing promising signs of reducing scarring in the liver, improving liver blood tests and improving the appearance of the liver in scans at lower doses. Results from higher dosing is expected next year.

Participants in this trial were randomly selected to either have the treatment drug or a placebo (dummy drug). The trial was designed so that three quarters of participants received the treatment drug, so today's results are great news for those who took part.

These early indications about bexotegrast are encouraging and we look forward to sharing full results when they are available. We are hoping that they will lead to a Phase 3 clinical trial to more fully understand the drug's effects on PSC.

The search for a treatment for PSC is moving forward thanks to people who take part in any clinical trial. If that's you - thank you!