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NHSBT Liver Transplant Update for Patients (February 2021)

NHSBT Liver Transplant Update for Patients

February 2021

NHSBT Liver Transplant Update - Feb 2021

NHSBT is the authority that oversees transplantation in the United Kingdom. Today, they have released an update for patients regarding liver transplant services in the UK.

We understand this remains a worrying and uncertain time for those on the waiting list, and we hope this information will answer some of the questions that you may have.

For information about liver transplants and PSC, click here.

Where to find the latest information

Information about what is happening may change from day to day. You can find the latest transplant information in the GREEN BOX ('information and advice specific to transplant patients') on the NHSBT website.

NHSBT Patient Information - Written in collaboration with Liver Transplant Colleagues in the United Kingdom (UK) 10th Feb 2021 V2

Liver Transplant Patient Information

We know this remains a worrying time for anyone waiting for a liver transplant. This information is to provide you with a background on the impact of COVID-19 across the UK, and an update on liver transplant services.

The situation is constantly changing and is under close review. We will update this information as the situation changes.

With a great team effort across the NHS, deceased organ donation and transplant activity continued for the most urgent patients during the first and second wave of COVID-19. However, the increased numbers of COVID-19 cases are causing a lot of pressure on the whole NHS, especially Critical Care/ Intensive Care Unit (ICU) bed capacity, and this has impacted donation and transplantation activity. This means that at the moment, only some liver transplant centres can accept organ offers and transplant their clinically urgent patients.

In order to increase the likelihood of a transplant operation going ahead, and to ensure that as many patients as possible with the greatest need get their liver transplant, it has been agreed that at any given time a minimum of three transplant centres in England will be protected to carry out clinically urgent liver transplants. The liver transplant centres are working closely together, along with NHSBT and NHS England to make this happen.

Clinically Urgent Patients Only

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