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Launching Mission 2030

Mission 2030

Help us find a breakthrough in PSC research

Today I am delighted to announce the launch of PSC Support's new research campaign:

Mission 2030 - help us find a breakthrough in PSC research


While the PSC research landscape is flourishing like never before it is clear that more has to be done. Effective treatments for PSC patients are needed urgently.  Mission 2030 is our commitment to do everything we can, to leave no stone unturned, in pursuit of those effective treatments.  PSC Support commits to funding at least £1 million in PSC research by 2030.

When I first joined PSC Support last year, I talked to many of you affected by PSC.  When I asked what we should do more of research came up time and time again.  Understandably people are very frustrated that there are currently no effective treatments for PSC. We are hoping to change that.

PSC Support is the only UK charity dedicated to funding research and improving the lives of people living with PSC.  Prior to my arrival at the charity a huge amount had been done in funding research and supporting and helping to shape PSC research and clinical trials.  Mission 2030 is a substantial escalation in the charity's research funding.  We will, of course, also continue to help shape those research projects funded from other sources as well as clinical trials.

Mission 2030 offers multiple funding avenues including a PhD Fellow who will spend three years conducting deep research work into PSC.  The research we fund will be determined by our Scientific Review Committee made up of PSC experts and patients.  Each funding application will go through a rigorous process so only the best research applications will be granted.

Despite major advances in our understanding of the disease in the last decade, there is still much to learn about PSC.  We still do not fully understand why someone gets PSC, how to treat it, how to truly measure worsening disease, how to predict who will get worse and how soon, and who will not.  We need those answers now.

Effective treatments for PSC are out there.  Help us find them.

Please check out social media and this website for updates on #Mission2030.


Paula Hanford

PSC Support Chief Executive