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Brain fog

What does brain fog feel like? Here is how people with PSC describe it.

People with PSC often tell us they have brain fog, but what is it? Here’s what people with PSC say about brain fog:

‘I have brain fog and moments of ‘muddledness’/feeling totally spaced out or forgetful.’

‘I have to work really hard just to think. I hate it because I remember a time when I was alert and could remember things without effort. People joke that it’s my age, but I know it’s not.’

'I do forget names or where I parked the car. I feel fuzzy headed and wonder if I am making sense when I talk. This is not OK, but it is getting to be normal for me.’

‘Brain fog makes me feel like I'm almost not there at times (like an out of body experience) - really hard to describe.’

‘My mind often feels like there are gates which I can't open… I try to find words but can't, so use another one... I have asked if I have dementia... But no. My brain feels like cotton wool.’

‘I have many days when I just can't concentrate… it just feels like my head is woolly,’

‘Sometimes brain fog is so bad I can't concentrate on doing anything (including speaking) if there is any background noise.’

‘It’s like wading through thick mud. It’s so hard to do even the simplest of things, you feel like you’ve done so much as you’re totally exhausted but when you look you’ve done hardly anything at all. Your brain feels like there is a hole in it as you forget the simplest of things.’

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