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Acute Cholangitis or COVID-19?

Acute Cholangitis or COVID-19?

Acute cholangitis or COVID19 web

People with PSC sometimes experience infections in the bile ducts called 'acute cholangitis'.

One of the signs of acute cholangitis can include a higher temperature than normal. There is more information about acute cholangitis hereA high temperature is also one of the main symptoms of COVID-19. 

Because of the rising number of COVID-19 cases across the UK, it is important that you seek medical advice if you think you have acute cholangitis and you have a high temperature in case it is COVID-19. This is especially important if you keep a supply of antibiotics at home and intend to start them.

If you think you have cholangitis and have a high temperature, consider COVID-19 as well.

Call your GP or contact NHS111 for advice call 111 (or out of hours numbers if you are in Northern Ireland) and let them know your symptoms and that you suspect acute cholangitis because you have PSC.

Call 999 if it is an emergency.

Reviewed by: Dr Andrew Yeoman and Dr Doug Thorburn 3 February 2021