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London 2019 PSC Information Day

PSC Support London Information day

Our first joint King's and Royal Free PSC Information Day

Our PSC Support 2019 London PSC Information Day was hosted by Professor Douglas Thorburn (Royal Free Hospital) and Dr Deepak Joshi (King's College London).


More coming soon.

PSC Basics - Dr Jonathan Potts

Dr Jonathan Potts, The Royal Free Hospital, talks about PSC basics.

My Health Journey - Mark Chatterley

Mark, a PSC patient, takes a humorous look at living with PSC, colonoscopies, transplant assessment, and going on a clinical trial.

Pregnancy in PSC and Liver Transplantation - Professor Michael Heneghan

Professor Michael Heneghan, King's College Hospital, talks about pregnancy in PSC and after liver transplantation.

ERCP for PSC - Dr Deepak Joshi

Dr Deepak Joshi, King's College Hospital, talks about ERCP for PSC.

Information Day Programme 23 November 2019

12:15    Registration

12:30    Welcome - Martine Walmsley

12:40    PSC Basics - what you need to know about PSC first (Dr Jonathan Potts)

13:20    Patient Experience - Mark Chatterley

13:50    Break - a chance to meet and chat with others

14:10    ERCP for PSC - What is ERCP, and when is it used and why? (Dr Deepak Joshi)

14:50   Break - a chance to meet and chat with others

15:10    Pregnancy with PSC and After Liver Transplantation (Professor Michael Heneghan)

15:50    Break - a chance to meet and chat with others

16:00    PSC Research - What's new and what's coming (Professor Douglas Thorburn)

16:40   Break - a chance to meet and chat with others

17:30   End


Dr Deepak Joshi - Consultant Hepatologist at the Institute of Liver Studies at King's College Hospital.

Professor Michael Heneghan- Consultant Hepatologist with a specialist interest in liver transplantation and autoimmune liver disease at King's College Hospital.

Dr Jonathan Potts - Consultant Hepatologist at the Royal Free Hospital.

Professor Douglas Thorburn - Consultant Hepatologist Clinical Director For Liver Transplantation, HPB, Hepatology, Endoscopy & Gastroenterology at the Royal Free Hospital.

Mark Chatterley - Mark lives with PSC and many of its complications, and has been on a clinical trial to help find a PSC treatment.

Martine Walmsley - Martine has had PSC for 13 years and is Chair of Trustees for PSC Support.

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