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VISTAS Clinical Trial Update

VISTAS Clinical Trial Announcement

Latest Findings

Today, Mirum announced interim results from two studies: VANTAGE and VISTAS.

  • VANTAGE is a clinical trial evaluating volixibat, a drug that is being tested for itch in people with primary biliary cholangitis (PBC).
  • VISTAS is a clinical trial evaluating the same drug (volixibat) for itch in PSC.


Based on a planned early look into the safety and efficacy data for volixibat in PSC, an independent data review committee has recommended that VISTAS continues to the final stage of the study at a specified dose (20mg). This is positive news, and means that no concerns were identified around safety and suggests that there is confidence that volixibat is helping with PSC itch.


The results announced for the VANTAGE study showed that volixibat significantly reduced itch and fatigue in PBC. Furthermore, the same class of drug (also developed by Mirum) has already been found to be effective in two other cholestatic liver diseases (PFIC and Alagille syndrome).


The results of the interim analyses are very impressive as they confirm the potential of volixibat in targeting bile acids in PBC and PSC,” said Kris Kowdley, MD, Washington State University and an investigator for VANTAGE and VISTAS. “I look forward to seeing the final data with the goal of having additional therapies available to address the burden of disease in adult cholestasis.


Take Part

VISTAS is still open for new participants to enrol in the UK and internationally to help further assess volixibat. The scope of who is suitable to take part has been widened to include people with PSC with AIH (autoimmune hepatitis), among other things. If you would like to find out more, check out our Key Information or visit Contact your PSC doctor if you think you are suitable and you’d like to take part.